XS-INTEOS® Minifragment System
12. August 2022
S-INTEOS® distal Radius System
12. August 2022

INTEOS® Elbow System

INTEOS® Elbow System

The S_M_L-INTEOS® Elbow System is an innovative plate system designed for the complete treatment of fractures in the distal humerus. An aiming device for the M_L-INTEOS distal Humerus plates facilitates optimized screw alignment in the intracondylar region. The special angular stable & polyaxial locking system INTEOS®lock sets new standards.


- Screwdriver ForceDRIVE with Shaft T10



  • angle stable & polyaxial INTEOS®lock
  • anatomically pre-shaped plate design

  • M_L-INTEOS® distal Humerus System
  • double plate configuration optionally in 90° as well as 180° possible
  • oblong compression holes

  • S-INTEOS® Coronoid Plate
  • bendable flap for support and fixation of the Tuberculum Subliminus to regain elbow stability
  • subchondral angle stable screw application possible
  • proximal hook for fixation of distant bone fragments beyond standard screw reach

  • S-INTEOS® Radial Head Plates
  • 2 plate variants - Rim Plate and Buttress Plate



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