INTEOS® Proximal Humeral Plate 3.5
28. February 2019
INTEOS® Radius distal 2.5
3. January 2019

INTEOS® Fibula Plate 3.0 & 3.5

Innovative multi-directional Plate System for the distal Fibula

INTEOS® Fibula Plate

The INTEOS® Fibula Plate reflects latest knowledge behind reposition and stabilization of fractured Fibula Bones following proved Hofer Medical Solutions standards of angle-stable & multi-directional connection between Plates and Screws.



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Key Features

  • The size and geometry of the plates results from more than 100 accurately surveyed Fibula Bones
  • Accurately pre-shaped anatomic plate design for reduced OR-Time
  • Multiple distal, angle-stable and multi-directional screw options
  • An optional, not angle-stable Syndesmosis-Screw can be applied in any screw hole.
  • Screw Heads can be fully sunk into the plates to avoid irritation.