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16. agosto 2019
INTEOS® proximal Humerus
18. mayo 2020

INTEOS® Elbow 3.5

INTEOS® Elbow 3.5

The INTEOS® Elbow-System 3.5 is an innovative plating system designed to primarily address fractures of the distal radius. The technology allows multi-directional screw positioning up to a total of 50° allowing high intraoperative fixation flexibility. An Aiming device supports optimal screw positioning in the intra condylar area.


- Screwdriver ForceDRIVE with Shaft T10


Key Features

  • Angle-stability and multi-directional up to 50°
  • Anatomical plate design allows better alignment with supra-condylar Humeral bone structure
  • ​​​​​Both treatment options. 90° according to AO standards or 180° parallel plating following the Mayo Clinic techinque
  • Auto-Compression-Holes
  • Optimal protection of the Nervus Ulnaris from curved design of the medial plates
  • Various types and sizes of plates
  • High system compatibility (INTEOS 3.0/3.5)



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