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7. June 2019
28. February 2019

HSNesin - Hofer Sliding Nail

Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing

HSNesin - Hofer Sliding Nail

The intramedullary nailing system HSNesin convinces though simple surgical insertion with a specially bent, wide and blunt tip. Using this system minimal invasive implantation and implant removal are common standard.



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Key Features

  • Widened and rounded insertion tip
  • Optimized, respectively reduced pressure during nail insertion
  • Minimized risk of perforation
  • Improved sliding features
  • Flattened end of the nail for better control of nail alignment
  • Available Plugs aligned with nail diameters
  • Minimal invasive Plug implantation with a special insertion and aiming device
  • Fixation of the Plugs independent of size of nail insertion hole
  • Plugs facilitate balancing and alignment of differently positioned nails