PSI - Pectus Security Implant

In developing the PSI implant Hofer-medical has put special attention to a safe healing procedure after performed funnel chest correction.

The most important characteristics are:

  • Just one integrated stabilizer bar
  • Stabilizer bar and implant consist of one piece.
  • The stabilizer bar is firmly connected to the implant.
  • The stabilizer bar is directed only to one side.
  • The stabilizer bar may also be readjusted if required, i.e. bent and adjusted to the shape of the thorax.
  • Three perforations in the stabilizer plate allow better fixation.
  • Adjustment of the implant is possible right up to the ends.
  • For implantation of 2 implants these may also be placed just 1intercostal space apart without the stabilizers touching the adjacentimplant.

Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing

The HSN-esin technology is based on the worldwide known surgical technique
of Elastic - Stable - Intramedullary - Nailing - short ESIN.

Intramedullary nailing means that one or more nails are intramedullarily implanted in long bones to support the fracture from inside.

Die HSN-esin technology may be applied for the following group of persons:

Children and Youngsters

  • Long bones: diaphyseal and certain epi- and metaphyseal fractures
  • Fractures of the clavicle (please also not note the alternative treatment method for the collarbone on
  • Treatment of tumors
  • Osteotomy (relative)
  • Use for revision surgeries


  • Certain diaphyseal fractures of small and mini fragments (hand, foot, clavicle)

Especially for long bone fractures of children the ESIN technology is used in addition to conservative treatment (such as a cast), as to a large extent bone growth is not influenced in this case.

General Advantages of the System:

  • Minimal-invasive implantation as well as removal of implant
  • Special tip design for a gentle insertion
  • Flattened end for determination of position during surgery
  • Elastic material properties
  • New, angle stable closure cap called HSN-plug for axial support
  • Insert and aiming device for minimal-invasive insertion of the HSN-plug

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