Über uns

„Creating Partnership“ ist unsere Philosophie

Highest quality requirements, constant development, innovative products and perfect service for patients, doctors and surgical personnel are lived principles.

Partnership is the result of a satisfied relationship in all spheres of action for many years.

Reliable bone healing for patients, optimal handling of the systems for doctors and surgical personnel as well as the easy preparation of the instruments strengthen this partnership again and again.

Should you have questions about our products, our company or our employees, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Unser Team

Our Mission

Our team has specialized for decades in the development, production and distribution of treatment systems for traumatology, orthopaedics and neurosurgery.

Especially in the field of minimally invasive surgical techniques we have become one of Austria's technological leaders in recent years.

Through close cooperation of our technology department in Fürstenfeld with highly specialized clinical staff, we can guarantee an Austrian innovation on the highest level.

The team of HOFER-medical and, subsequently, the produced systems stand for:

  • High transparency in operational planning (i.e. co-integration of the patient in evaluating the most appropriate treatment method)
  • Gentle surgical technique
  • Shorter surgical time
  • The fastest possible restoration of normal quality of life


1976:   The company Hofer GmbH & Co KG is established as a trading company in Austria by Roswitha und Fritz Hofer.

1993:   Hofer moves away from being a pure trader and introduces own products to the market.

1997:   For the first time certification according to ISO 9001

2002:    Extension of certification according to ISO 13485 as well as guideline 93/42 EWG

2003:    Hofer GmbH & Co KG joins forces with the TB DI Christian Maier GmbH.

2004:    Continous expansion of the company including starting in-house production in Fürstenfeld.
              The Hofer Small Fragment System HS3.0 is introduced to the market.

2005:    In middle of 2005 the Hofer Spine System is presented to the public.

2006:    Development of the Mini Fragment System for hand and foot surgery. The Pectus-bar for funnel chest correctionis is widely used.

2007:    Expansion of the Spine System in the area of cages. Due to the high demand from Poland, Hofer-medical decides to establish a branch -
              being named Hofer GmbH & Co KG Spółka Komandytowa Oddział w Polsce - in Radkow.

2008:    Significant expansion of the Small Fragment System.

2009:    Due to requests of commercial agencies worldwide the sales network is constantly expanded.

2010:    As the own manufacturing capabilities are close to reach a limit, in middle of 2010 the strategic decison is taken to enlarge
              the manufacturing area in Fürstenfeld in 2011 and to add more machines.

2011:    The extension of the production facility proceeds on schedule. Registration of our products in Brazil is completed.

2012:    The Brand INTEOS was created as a synonym for the new generation of Small Fragment Implants. The construction and manufactoring
              of these implants is based on the latest state of the art.

2013:    We are looking for a new manufactoring place to increase our capacity.

2014:    Die Übersiedlung in die Jahnstrasse 10-12 in Fürstenfeld ist Ende Jänner abgeschlossen. Uns stehen nun 4.500 m2 an Büro- und Produktionsfläche
              zur Verfügung. 
Die neue INTEOS Radius M3 Plattenserie wird von unseren bestehenden Kunden sehr gut angenommen und entwickelt sich
              zu festen Standbein.